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Welcome to KTF Cycling & Running Club

KTF cycling & running club is a friendly club of cyclist & joggers of all abilities from beginners to ultra marathon runners. One big advantage we have here, close to the three villages, is the beautiful countryside of Salisbury plain to run or mountain bike or the safe environment of thruxton race circuit for those want to challenge there cycling or running skills....all running and cycling activities will be completely off road in a safe family environment.

Different groups within the club will have different objectives, lots of us will want to run and cycle for a chat and get to know other local families from the three villages, others may want to run with there families and children to get a bit fitter and the fitter ones may want a more structured approach for example interval or hill rep training so what ever you want it's your club, your countryside your villages so you do whatever you & your family want. With the starting and finishing point for the runs at The Welcome Stranger Pub you will also be able to pop in for a refreshing beer, soft drink or a local catch up with local people.

You are all very welcome to come and cycle or run or walk the marked out routes with like minded village people up to three times a week.

The structure of the of the cycleing and running is detailed on the Weekly Structure page 

So that's it folks, these are your villages your club your countryside, you enjoy it with yours and all the other local families in an unbelievable setting.......so when do we start, you keep watching this space and hopefully mid March and we will all be getting fit together.

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