KTF Cycling & Running Club - The Plan

greenbikeProposed Running and Cycling Structure

Monday evenings is running or walking evening: 6.30pm start from the welcome stranger pub car park heading towards kimpton downs, you will be able to pick from various coloured routes ranging from a nice steady 3 miler to a challenging 12 miler, your family, your run, your time, your fun, you chose.

Wednesday evening is cycling evening : 6.30pm start at thruxton race circuit, Thruxton race circuit is a challaging cycling circuit that seems to alway be windy and alway against you when coming up through the chicane but very rewarding when you do crack it, again, all abilities from small children through to experienced racing cyclists. It's our aim to provide some coaching sessions for those that want to take up and enjoy road cycling and some basic bike maintenance for when you are out and about.Some rules will apply on Wednesday such as, no helmets no circuit ride, you can only cycle one way with no turning back and we must all abide by the circuit rules.

Friday evening is either run or mountain biking evening:  6pm stating and finishing from the welcome stranger pub, the running will be as per Monday nights, mountain biking will be dependent on the people that turn up, there abilities and whatever distance and terrains you want.....we have one of the best mountain biking trails over Salisbury plain in the UK all in our back yard so why not use it.

Sunday family fun day run: once a month we will put on a handicapped system run, a 5k planned route starting and finishing from the welcome stranger pub again for all ages and abilities, obviously the slowest will get the chance to go out 1st and the fastest last.....if the timings are right all the runners should be coming to the finish line together, monthly prizes and trophies will be on offer.

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